Vegetable gardening newsletter #12


This hot and dry weather (this afternoons thunderstorm not withstanding!) means that the amount you water will have a very big effect on how well your garden is doing. The gardens with regular watering be humming along with plants flowering and leaves growing. Gardens with lots of water (say 1 hour per day on a timer) will already have cucumbers and zucchini growing and extra large tomato plants with tomatoes just about ready to ripen. Those of you with irrigation systems can add an extra watering cycle at the end of the day (9:30 -10:00pm say)

Each one of the plants in your garden needs it’s own space. Any plants hiding under errant tomato branches, or extra large zucchini leaves will get shaded out and will not perform well. If your garden is getting out of control, we can come by and help. We offer a 1 hour maintenance visit to clean up your garden for $50.

If your squash or zucchini plants are falling over when you water them, or look like they need some extra help, you should mound up soil around the base of the stem.This will add support, and also help to protect against squash borer or other insects that may want to snack on your plants.

This is a really good time to get rid of any pea plants you may have left to make space for your tomato plants. Pea production has slowed down, or will very soon, and your tomatoes will be getting big enough that they need the extra space on the trellis.

You should still be harvesting your kale, swiss chard and roquette. Remove the large outer leaves and chop them for a fresh salad, or steam briefly for a nice side dish.

You can continue to harvest from your herb and flower garden, or let it go wild. This will provide extra food and shelter for the beneficial insects in your garden.


Tereska Gesing

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