Vegetable Gardening Newsletter #26


We will start our garden closings next week, on Wednesday. I will email you 3 days beforehand so you have a chance to harvest any last veggies you might have in the garden. Please let me know if you want to be there when we close the garden, and what day would be good for you.

We will remove anything in the garden except perennials roquette (arugula) in the garden and oregano, thyme and parsley in the herb garden. I encourage you to bring your rosemary inside. If you put it in a small pot, you can keep your rosemary in a sunny window all winter, then plant it back out in the garden in the spring.

We will also remove the trellis netting and the top of the trellis and top up your garden with fresh soil and compost, and enrich with natural, organic fertilizers. Then, plant two squares of garlic (3 for an Abundance garden). We will finish up by covering the garden with plastic. This will keep the nutrients from being leached away by inclement winter weather and will heat the garden up much faster than the surrounding soil allowing us to plant much earlier in the spring.

While we are there clearing out your vegetable garden, we can close up the rest of your yard by cutting soft-stemmed plants like hostas down to the ground, protect any delicate plants with leaves or burlap, and do any edging or mulching necessary. Please let me know if you are interested in this service and I will add extra time to your visit.

Tereska Gesing

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