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Fall Planting Guide

Fall planting time is approaching and we’re excited to get this round of seedlings ready to go for your fall gardening!

We love this final season as a last squeeze on you garden to get the most out of it by providing you with fresh autumn salads and hearty kales.

Generally speaking the date of the first frost is going to dictate how late you can transplant seedlings and what varieties will grow to maturity fast enough. In Montreal that averages out to somewhere in the second week of October so we aim to start getting seedlings in the gardens in the first week of September. If you have a garden planting service for the fall we shall see you soon!

For the DIY’ers out there, you can learn more about our available seedlings in the table below. They should be ready for pick up during the first week of September, but you can order them right away to reserve yours.

Name Sunlight Highlight
Asian Greens – Bok Choi Shanghai Green *** Very low-maintenance vegetable
Asian Greens – Mizuna *** Heat and cold tolerant; will grow in shady conditions
Asian Greens – Tatsoi Rainbow *** Sweeter than most other Asian greens
Kale – Redbor *** Adds beautiful colour to the fall garden
Kale – Red Russian *** The purple colours become richer after frost
Kale – Vates Blue Curled Scots *** Can withstand winter weather with some protection
Lettuce – Deer Tongue *** Excellent for home gardens
Lettuce – Jadeite *** Fantastic green mini romaine
Lettuce – Merlot *** Red leaves aid in lowering light conditions
Lettuce – Red Butter Romaine *** Buttery yellow green interior, with a rosy heart
Lettuce – Red Iceberg *** Crunchy and delicious
Lettuce – Red Oak Leaf *** Excellent fall/winter selection due to mildew resistance
Lettuce – Red Salad Bowl *** Ok in cool times
Lettuce – Regal Oak Green Leaf *** Great for baby greens
Lettuce – Reine des glaces *** Cold tolerant green iceberg
Lettuce – Pirat Butterhead *** Sweet and delicious!
Mustard – Mighty Mix *** From sweet Dijon to knock-your-socks-off spicy
Rapini – Spring Raab *** Early and productive
Roquette – Arugula **** Leaves grow best in cool weather
Swiss Chard – Rainbow *** Grows easily and well in our climate

*** Does best in full sun, but can handle a bit of shade
**** Full sun and cool weather

Add some variety to your garden this fall

Fall is also a great time to plant fruits! We have a fresh selection of fall fruit trees and bushes, available for pick up or delivery today.

Edible Exotic plants for indoor gardening

We are exited to now carry plants from our friends at and Hamidou Horticulture. Discover them in our shop today!

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Happy Gardening!
The Urban Seedling Team