Thinning and weeding

Thinning and weeding abide by the same principal of respecting spacing to have healthy productive plants.

Some vegetable seeds are very small and it can be hard to stick to the recommended amount per square foot. We have all been there, we end up sprinkling the lettuce, radish or carrots seeds!

Like us plants need space to be happy and healthy.  As soon as the the little seedlings sprout, you can thin the sprouts. This means keeping the strongest looking seedlings and removing the rest. When they are small you can transplant seedlings, just do it quickly and early. We recommend planting greens from seedlings to get step up on the season. You should be focusing on thinning radish, beets, and carrot seeds Carrots and radish need 2 inches (5 cm) and beets need 3 inches (7 cm).