It’s time for our big launch!

Urban Seedling Opening

The big day has arrived. Come visit our brand new garden centre completely dedicated to organic vegetable gardening in our new location right on the waterfront. Come on down to 7000 boulevard LaSalle in Verdun on the Grand Potager site  for kids gardening activities, a bike repair clinic, free gardening workshops for grownups, farmer’s market and Urban Agriculture Expo! Click here for more info!

Purchase some as beautiful as they are delicious perennials for your yard. Our urban setting is great for growing fruit and these perennials are a great low maintenance addition to your yard. Get one step closer to creating a urban homesteader in the heart of the city!

The bluecrop blueberry is enjoyed for its large berries and resistance to pest and disease. Among our varieties it is unbeatable for it consistent yields and beautiful flowers.  Blueberries are best planted in twos, combine  this blueberry with the cold hardy, easy growing, great for cooking Northland blueberry!

Strawberries make a great tasty ground cover. Our varieties are ever-bearing with great yields and excellent flavour.

Create a beautiful foodscape with a blueberry and strawberry patch  in your urban oasis!

Do not forget to purchase some of some of our tasty asparagus. Easy to grow and plant, it will yield tasty spears for 20 years to come. A fantastic low maintenance perennial with natural beauty!

Lots of more amazing organic vegetable gardening products to discover from seedlings to soil and organic fertilizers!

See you there!
– Urban Seedling Team