Later start to the season.

Greenhouse and seedlings

Earth day is this Saturday. Come and celebrate with us at the Verdun Greenhouses! There will be a family market, bike repair station, kids activities, and a tree give away for Verdun residents. We will be there as well with our Garden Centre kiosk of soil, seeds, fertilizers and planters.

For those of you who have planted garlic and protected your garden, you should remove the plastic just on the side of the garden where the garlic is, and leave it covering the rest of the garden until planting time.

We’ve decided to push planting later to account for persistant cold, wet weather. We will be starting at the end of next week. If you have started your cool weather seedlings at home – leafy greens (kale, chard, mizuna, lettuce, spinach) you should harden them off by bringing them outside during the day, and bring them inside at night, and plant them outside as of Thursday 27th or Friday 28th.

Before planting, make sure that your vegetable garden and garden area are cleaned up and clear of dead leaves or plants. Mix in some lime to regulate the pH as rich soil with lots of peatmoss tends to acidify overtime. Add fresh soil and compost and some natural, organic fertilizers.

Early in the season is a great time to prune your fruit trees and berry shrubs. Remove any crossed or broken branches, and take a look if you want to cut out any of the tallest branches to keep your trees at a manageable height.

The early spring is a great time to plant fruit in the early spring is as well. You just need to wait until the ground is fully thawed and not so soggy. We will be receiving our fruit around the first week of May.