Plant – replant!

For the gardeners that started their vegetable gardens super early, by planting cold hardy vegetables, you can now replant with the summer seedlings! The concept goes like this: You can plant cold-hardy veggies like leafy greens and root vegetables in early-May.

To maximize small spaces we have a special planting technique as illustrated in our handy video. Remove one out of the four leafy-greens and replace it by a pepper or eggplant. While the summer seedling is small, it can share the square with spring seedlings. Harvest a portion of the radishes to replace with cucumbers etc. Make sure to follow your plant and most importantly: Don’t leave those spring seedlings in the garden for more than a couple of weeks! You summer seedlings will need the complete square to grow properly!

Replanting in this way is optional! If you just planted your garden, don’t feel like you are missing out. We will be planting summer vegetables until the end of June, so late-planted spring gardens still have plenty of time to grow.