Planting weekend is here!

We’ve been planting leafy greens and other cold hardy vegetables for 3 weeks now in Montreal – and now the official planting weekend is here! It’s time to add your tomato, pepper and eggplant seedlings. Cucumbers and beans can be planted from seed. We usually want to wait for consistent night time temperatures of 10 degrees before planting cold-sensitive plants outside – and it looks like a low of 7 next Wednesday 🙁 We can get our missing 3 or 4 degrees by keeping the garden covered with a floating row cover or old sheet on those cold nights.

Waiting another week works too! Planting a vegetable garden in early-June still gives you plenty of time to harvest great veggies from your yard. For help planting your garden, check out our Help! (How to Garden) section of our website for how-to instructions or come to our Vegetable Gardening in the City workshop today at 11AM – only 10$!