New sprouts in early-planted gardens

Root vegetables need to be planted from seed directly in the garden. Radish seeds sprout in just a couple of days, so if you have an early-planted garden, you will need to thin your radishes soon. Carrots and beets take a bit more time to germinate, but will need thinning too. Each plant needs enough space to grow!

The weather at this time of year is very variable! You should keep your floating row cover on the garden for cool days, and cool nights (under 5 degrees). It is best to remove the cover for watering, and for hot sunny days. With the warm weather we’ve been having, make sure you keep on top of watering! Your seeds and seedlings need lots of water to grow.

Do you have a Japanese beetle or white grub problem? Nematodes are a great, organic preventative measure. These microscopic worms penetrate deep into the earth with a heavy watering and attack the white grubs before they become beetles. Order now for your spring treatment.