Bean – Scarlet Runner


Tall vining ornamental plants with showy sprays of bright scarlet flowers followed by loads of slender pods about 20 cm (8″) long. Young pods can be used as snap beans or can be allowed to mature for shelled fresh use or dried for winter. Eat the flowers, green pods when young and tender, or wait for large purple and black dry beans. Of course, if you eat all the flowers, you won’t get any beans.

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Botanical name
Phaseolus coccineus


Plant 15 cm (6″) apart by a trellis or poles.

Lay seeds on their side and cover with 2 cm (1″) of soil. Firm the soil with your fingers.

Hot and sunny. Loamy soil, pH around 6-6.5.

Seeds will sprout in 8-16 days.

Aphids and spider mites. Both can be washed off with a hard jet of water.

Direct sow starting in mid-May. Warm-weather crop. Best soil temperature is at least 21°C (70°F). Since all the pods on a plant are ready to pick at once, make successive sowings—every week or two—to ensure fresh edamame all summer long.

Apart from daily watering, your only care consists of spraying leaves with kelp fertilizer periodically to boost nutrient uptake.

Days to maturity

Warm, annual