Radishes at the ready!

What a beautiful time of year! Everything is growing well and the gardens are looking fantastic. It is very important to water and weed well at the beginning of the season so that your vegetables can grow well. Remember to weed your herb and edible flower garden bed. Weeding while weeds are small is much easier!

It’s already time to start harvesting! Harvest the leafy-greens, so lettuce, arugula, kale, chard and tatsoi by removing the large outer leaves and letting the small inner leaves grow. Do not remove more than 30% of the leaves from each plant. They’ll go to seed soon, so enjoy them while they’re still delicious. If your arugula has gone to seed, remove the entire flowering-stem to encourage other leaves to grow.

Going to seed is also called bolting! What is bolting? Bolting is when a tall spike starts to form at the centre of your lettuce, spinach, bok choy or tatsoi. Read more about bolting in this helpful article. 

Radishes and bok choy are ready, so remove the whole plant and enjoy! To harvest the basil, remove all the small sections at the top. See the video for more details!

If you have not yet remember to thin your carrots and beets. You must to do now. Learn more about how to thin. 

Your tomato-tops need to be attached to their trellis or stake every week. Gently weave the the end of your tomato into the trellis. It is also necessary to remove the suckers – vine which grows between the stem and the leaves so that the plant does not overflow everywhere on the garden!

This is the best time of year for salads! Don’t forget to sprinkle some of those edible flowers in your salad for a sprinkle of colour!