The Beneficial Insects for your garden


insects-2insect-3insect-4Beneficial Insect

Protect your garden from pest with this team of beneficial insects on your side. Order now by replying to this email.

If you have disappointing harvest from fruiting-vegetables, thrips might be your problem. They attack blossoms, cause leaves to curl, rust spots on leaves and other damage. These tiny little predatory mites go after the thrips in their juvenile stage, protecting your plants.

Aphids, mealy bugs, spider mites and other soft-bodied pests watch out! A voracious predator, the lacewing can eat up to 60 aphids per hour. They reproduce well, and will establish great protection for your garden plants

This voracious garden predator comes in an egg case with 80-100 eggs. Hatch them at home or in the classroom for a great way to experience nature first hand.

This microscopic worm tunnels underground and attacks the white grubs that become Japanese Beetle. If skunks or raccoons are tearing up your lawn, these guys can help.

If you have big ragged holes in your leaves, these tiny parasitic wasps attack the caterpillars that attack your plants. Also great to get rid of pantry mites and clothing mites from your home.