The Warm Weather Returns

Spring Flower

Time to start watering the garden

It is so incredible how as soon as the first warm rays of sunshine arrive, the buds burst open. It makes walking down the street a true pleasure after our long and hard winter!

You can remove and store your floating row covers to let the hot sun into the garden.

Since last week’s rains are behind us, it is important to start watering your gardens. Seeds planted need to stay moist in order to germinate, and those tender seedlings need water to grow. It is important to water deeply, so that the plant roots follow the water deep into the garden soil. A light watering will encourage the plant roots to grow upwards towards the surface of the garden and make the plants more vulnerable to drying out.

Check on your garden everyday. Touch the soil. The surface will dry out, but it should be humid 1cm (1/2″) under the soil at all times. This is especially important while seedlings are young, and seeds are germinating.

If possible it is best to water in the morning, as watering in the evening encourages slugs. If regular watering is a problem, we can install a simple irrigation system on a time for you. Setting up a timer and a sprinkler or drip hose is also an option. Set your timer from 4am – 5am daily.