Where did Spring go?

Spring clovers

How this crazy weather affects our planting plans

First we lost a week or so to a super tenacious winter, then we were into summer weather mere days after the snow melt. It is challenging for the cool weather loving seedlings to adjust to the dramatic temperatures. If you lost some seedlings from your spring planting, come into the garden centre and we’ll be happy to replace them free of charge.

Since it looks like the hot weather is pretty much here to stay, we are no longer going to plant spinach or bok choy, and will replace them with more heat-tolerant lettuces that will do much better in your gardens. We have one last week for spring garden installations, then we’ll be putting in summer crops.

Make sure to keep your garden well watered and weeded. It’s easier to pull out the weeds while they’re small. Clearing out large weeds is much more work! On days where we get a good rain, no need to water – but make sure to check that your garden soil is moist on hot, sunny days. The more water you garden gets, the more veggies you will get out of it in the end.

Some of you may already have radishes, beets and carrots sprouting in your garden. Make sure to remove the extra plants. Thinning requires that you make sure to provide each plant with exactly the amount of room necessary to grow to maturity. For radishes and carrots that’s 2 inches (or 4 rows of 4 plants in each square foot, for beets 3 inches (or 3 rows of 3 plants per square foot). This step is absolutely necessary for these root vegetables to grow. If they are too close together they will not form a nice root.

We’re growing too! We are most happy to introduce Nicola Manning, the newest member of our team. Born Friday, May 8th.

Nicola Manning