Workshops and events: tips, seeds and fun!

workshops and events

If you are thinking of striking ou on your own this season, we have lots of ressources for you!

1-  Come to the Seedy Saturday event this weekend in Verdun and visit us in our garden centre to be. Buys local seeds, attend free workshops and swap seeds with others.

2- Back on popular demand is a must for Urban Seedling gardeners: the vegetable garden coaching session. Purchase 4 one hour sessions to be schedule throughout the season and save 10$ on each coaching session

3- Our first workshops of the season are coming up fast, and the spots are already starting to fill up. Check out our upcoming workshop on Vegetable Gardening in the City and an Urban Seedling favorite Edible landscaping: growing food in your own yard.

4- We are moving ! By mid-avril you can visit our new garden centre with all the sipplies you need to start your garden. The Urban Seedling custom soil mix is the perfect combination for your vegetable garden. Specially formulated to help your vegetables grow strong and develop a strong root system, it is sold by the bag and also by the yard. Have your soil delivered to your door for your next vegetable gardening project. 

5- The seeds are flying off the rack, if you are planning on starting some seedlings now is the time to place your order.