Fruit Growing Workshop and fall gardens

Summer fruit seedling workshop

Sign up for our upcoming fruit tree and berry workshop. Learn about how to care for your fruit trees and their companions. Discover pruning techniques and biological ways of dealing with pest and disease. Our special guest lecturer Olivier Ross has the answers your are looking for! The workshop will be on September 17th and will be offered in french and english. Sign up now by clicking here.

With this heat it is hard to believe that cooler weather is around the corner. Late August and early September we will start planting leafy greens. This means harvesting onions and garlic to make space for your leafy greens. Leave the garlic out in the sun for about 1 week until the neck is dry. Store in a dark, cool, dry place (like the pantry). Watch my video for more details.

Also continue to harvest any beets and carrots that are ready. You can then fill in any empty spots in your garden with spinach, lettuce, arugula, asian green or plant some radish from seed. We have already started leafy green in our greenhouse and they will be  available for sale in our store. These crops do best with some cooler weather and are quick harvest crops.

For those Urban Seedling replant gardens that we will be visiting, we will be in touch 3 days in advance with instructions on how to prepare your garden for your fall planting.

Nematodes are still on sale for a limited time. Nematodes can help you get rid of those Japanese beetles in your yard. Reserve your nematodes by replying this email. You can pick them up at our garden centre or they can be shipped to you for a small fee.

At this time of year I like to prepare grated beets salads. A creative and easy way to eat beets! Check out this delicious quinoa and beet salad recipe. I also like to make this classic cucumber recipe, easy to make and even better the next day after the cucumbers have marinated.

Summer fruit seedling workshopSummer fruit seedling workshop