5 easy vegetables to grow

New to urban agriculture? Looking to start growing some edibles on your balcony or in your yard? These are our favorite easy to grow vegetable for new urban gardeners.

  1. Kale – Kale is easy to plant, grow and extremely productive. You can plant it from seed or from seedling all season long.
  2. Swiss Chard – Swiss Chard much like kale is easy to grow, plant and productive. If can planted from seed or seedling.
  3. Peas and beans – Peas and beans are planted from seed. Peas are planted in the spring and last till the the summer heats up. They are easy to grow and the shoots are also delicious. Beans are planted late May or early June. You can grow pole beans or bush beans. Both are extremely productive and easy to plant, however, pole beans and peas needs a trellis or stake to climb on.
  4. Herbs– Herbs are the quintessential new gardener choice. Delicious and wonderful to have in any yard or balcony. Chives, parsley, basil, oregano, and thyme are great started herbs.
  5. Cherry tomatoes –  If you are going to start growing a tomato, choose the cherry. It needs less energy to ripen and produces more tomatoes per vine. Great for a balcony or a yard and cherry tomatoes come in all kinds of colours: yellow, black, red, orange making a wonderful colourful, tasty addition your new urban agriculture journey.