The kale was once such a mysterious green to us! I remember in the early days of the vegetable baskets, kale was being introduced in kitchen across Canada and we did not know what to do with it. Kale is a wonderful addition to any garden. Easy to grow, and productive it can be planted early and stay  in the garden late into the fall.

Kale can be planted from seed or planting from seedling. Kale can be planted in the garden as soon as night time temperatures stay around 3 degrees at night usually late April or early May. Get a jump start on the season and seed your kale seedlings 4 weeks before planting them in the garden. Not to worry, if you don’t plant your kale in the spring it can be planted at any time during the season!

Kale is extremely easy to grow and not a problem crop and rarely is affected by pests and disease.  However, as member of the brassica family common pest and disease for this family are the cabbage moth, slugs and japanese beetles.

This amazing plant in extremely nutritious and delicious. Chop and freeze for some greens during the winter months or add a handful to your smoothie for a green kick. Kale is delicious in a raw salad with a olive oil dressing. If you have not tried kale chips, this a great way to use up that extra kale, and it can be prepared in the oven or in a dehydrator.