Mizuna is gaining in popularity in Montreal. Very easy to grow and produces an abundance greens. With a slightly spicy taste and very juicy texture, mizuna is a great crop to have in any garden. A member of the mustard family, mizuna is best planted in spring (last week of April or early may). It can be planted from seed or planted from seedlings that are started 4 weeks before planting them in the garden.

The biggest consideration when growing mizuna is that it goes to flower very quickly as soon as the summer heats up. Keep cutting back the flowering spikes to keep the energy of the plant concentrated in the leaves of the plant. Once the month of May hits, flea beetle can be an issue in garden.

Mizuna is great in quick green salad, it can be also used in soups, stir frys, and makes a great pickled green. If you have not tried mizuna in your garden consider adding this green in your spring or fall garden.