It’s time for our big launch!

Urban Seedling Opening

The big day has arrived. Come visit our brand new garden centre completely dedicated to organic vegetable gardening in our new location right on the waterfront. Come on down to 7000 boulevard LaSalle in Verdun on the Grand Potager site  for kids gardening activities, a bike repair clinic, free gardening workshops for grownups, farmer's market and Urban Agriculture Expo! Click here for more info!

Purchase some as beautiful as they are delicious perennials for your yard. Our urban setting is great for growing fruit and these perennials are a great low maintenance addition to your yard. Get one step closer to creating a urban homesteader in the heart of the city!

The bluecrop blueberry is enjoyed for its large berries and resistance to pest and disease. Among our varieties it is unbeatable for it consistent yields and beautiful flowers.  Blueberries are best planted in twos, combine  this blueberry with the cold hardy, easy growing, great for cooking Northland blueberry!

Strawberries make a great tasty ground cover. Our varieties are ever-bearing with great yields and excellent flavour.

Create a beautiful foodscape with a blueberry and strawberry patch  in your urban oasis!

Do not forget to purchase some of some of our tasty asparagus. Easy to grow and plant, it will yield tasty spears for 20 years to come. A fantastic low maintenance perennial with natural beauty!

Lots of more amazing organic vegetable gardening products to discover from seedlings to soil and organic fertilizers!

See you there!
- Urban Seedling Team

Cold, wet weather in your garden

Cold weather seedling

We have had an unseasonably cold and very wet spring so far! While our gardens need water, they also need sun! The cold wet weather means that your seeds will take longer to germinate, and your seedlings will grow more slowly.

Fortunately all of the varieties of plants that we plant at this time of year are cold hardy and don't mind this weather too much. To help your garden out, there are a couple of things that you can do.

  • Keep your floating row cover on the garden if you have one
  • Put an old sheet on your garden on cool nights if you don't - take it off in the day to let the sun in!
  • Put a piece of clear plastic or an old window over seeded areas to add a bit more heat to the area

This *should* be the last crappy week. Lets look ahead to next Saturday - 17 degrees and sunny - for our official Launch Party! There will be activities all day long including a family picnic 11:00 - 1:00 pm city compost give-away for Verdun residents, free workshops from 1:00 - 5:00 pm, a farmers market and Cultiver Montreal Urban Agriculture Expo!

Later start to the season.

Greenhouse and seedlings

Earth day is this Saturday. Come and celebrate with us at the Verdun Greenhouses! There will be a family market, bike repair station, kids activities, and a tree give away for Verdun residents. We will be there as well with our Garden Centre kiosk of soil, seeds, fertilizers and planters.

For those of you who have planted garlic and protected your garden, you should remove the plastic just on the side of the garden where the garlic is, and leave it covering the rest of the garden until planting time.

We've decided to push planting later to account for persistant cold, wet weather. We will be starting at the end of next week. If you have started your cool weather seedlings at home - leafy greens (kale, chard, mizuna, lettuce, spinach) you should harden them off by bringing them outside during the day, and bring them inside at night, and plant them outside as of Thursday 27th or Friday 28th.

Before planting, make sure that your vegetable garden and garden area are cleaned up and clear of dead leaves or plants. Mix in some lime to regulate the pH as rich soil with lots of peatmoss tends to acidify overtime. Add fresh soil and compost and some natural, organic fertilizers.

Early in the season is a great time to prune your fruit trees and berry shrubs. Remove any crossed or broken branches, and take a look if you want to cut out any of the tallest branches to keep your trees at a manageable height.

The early spring is a great time to plant fruit in the early spring is as well. You just need to wait until the ground is fully thawed and not so soggy. We will be receiving our fruit around the first week of May.

Beneficial insects for your garden


First, let me get some important info to you:
We are having some technical difficulties with our phone line (argh!) While we get it worked out please use 514-243-1411 to get in touch with us. Or email, or Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram 🙂

Vegetable and fruit growing workshop tomorrow! Sign up here, or come to 7000 boul. LaSalle for 1pm to pay at the door.

We will be starting to plant our vegetable gardens April 24th (weather permitting, of course) We are already filling up the early planting schedule, let us know if you would like us to come and build a vegetable garden at your home, school or work, or if you would like to book a replant package.

And now for Beneficial insects:
To create a complete, and healthy ecosystem in your yard and have a spectacular garden you need to be able attract, feed and house beneficial insects in your yard. To do this, we always plant a herb and edible flower garden right beside the vegetable garden. The flowers and flowering herbs attract pollinators, and predatory insects that will do all kinds of great maintenance work in your garden. If you don't have a lot of insect activity, or have specific problems to take care of, we have some great predatory insects for sale.

It is now time to order your Nematodes to protect your garden against Japanese Beetle in your yard. For the best results you need to apply the Nematodes in the early spring and again in the early fall. It is important to apply the Nematodes on a cool, humid day and to water your lawn or garden deeply for at least five days so that those little wigglers can follow the water down to where the white Japanese Beetle grubs are hiding.

How to get started on your vegetable garden

get started gardening

Come to the Seedy Saturday in the West Island. Shop for local heirloom seeds, attend free workshops and  purchase materials to get your gardening season started. Planning ahead  is one key to a successful vegetable garden.

Attend our Urban Seedling Workshop on Growing food at home on April 8th from 1-3pm in english and 4-6pm in French Learn how to incorporate fruit trees, berry patches, herbs and edible flowers, and vegetable gardens into your very own edible paradise.

Come visit us this weekend 24-25-26 of March at Expo Manger et Vivre Vert! Buy your seeds for the season, learn about our vegetable gardening services and get your fertilizers for the season.

Soon we will be moved in to our new location and ready to receive at the end of April new and experienced gardens alike and meet all your vegetable gardening needs! Purchase leafy greens, soil, organic fertilizers and materials for your vegetable garden. Book it in your calendar so as to not forget.

See you in the garden,
Urban Seedling Team

Horticulture Maintenance

Horticultural maintenance

Does your property need a little more care than the lawn cutters are providing? Our elite team of horticulturalists will give your yard the professional attention and care it needs.

Urban Seedling Horticulture Maintenance Services

personalized service

A personalized service

We offer a personalized service that puts you directly in contact with your horticulturalist, to ensure your property is maintained to the highest standards.

Whether it's weekly or bi-weekly, new garden design and creation, or just a spring clean up and gardening opening; Urban Seedlings horticultural team will take care of all your yard and garden needs.

horticultural maintenance

Contact us for a free consultation today!

Workshops and events: tips, seeds and fun!

workshops and events

If you are thinking of striking ou on your own this season, we have lots of ressources for you!

1-  Come to the Seedy Saturday event this weekend in Verdun and visit us in our garden centre to be. Buys local seeds, attend free workshops and swap seeds with others.

2- Back on popular demand is a must for Urban Seedling gardeners: the vegetable garden coaching session. Purchase 4 one hour sessions to be schedule throughout the season and save 10$ on each coaching session

3- Our first workshops of the season are coming up fast, and the spots are already starting to fill up. Check out our upcoming workshop on Vegetable Gardening in the City and an Urban Seedling favorite Edible landscaping: growing food in your own yard.

4- We are moving ! By mid-avril you can visit our new garden centre with all the sipplies you need to start your garden. The Urban Seedling custom soil mix is the perfect combination for your vegetable garden. Specially formulated to help your vegetables grow strong and develop a strong root system, it is sold by the bag and also by the yard. Have your soil delivered to your door for your next vegetable gardening project. 

5- The seeds are flying off the rack, if you are planning on starting some seedlings now is the time to place your order.

Gardening is here for the early birds

organic garden tomatoes

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and we're feeling spring right around the corner!

We will be offering an early bird discount of 10% for residential clients that book before March 15th. You can respond to this email or call us to book your Urban Seedling organic vegetable garden today! The first step will be to make your 50% deposit to reserve your priority planting.

As soon as you have reserved your planting, we will send you a link and instructions to the garden planner to plan your Urban Seedling organic vegetable garden.  With your feedback and support we have been working on updating the garden planner so it is better and easier to use. One new development we are especially excited about is that you can now see multiple garden beds on the screen at the same time!

Looking forward to the 2017 gardening season,

Urban Seedling

Workshops for schools and daycares


School vegetable gardens are a great way for children to learn about where their food comes from and to get them excited about eating fresh vegetables. It is also a chance to learn outdoors!

Urban Seedling can help your school plan, build, plant, and maintain a school vegetable garden. We fully involve students and teachers in our planting workshops. We will help the school arrange for garden care during the summer, bring fresh ideas for students and learning in the garden, install indoor gardens, help with project continuity and management, and give extra workshops or workshop ideas. A vegetable garden is a great way to build ties between children, between parents and teachers, and within the community.

For Healthy Plants: Composting and Soil Fertility

You will learn how to care for your garden by building up a healthy and natural ecosystem. Learn how to make your own  A++ compost with your green scraps and how to sustain those magnificent microorganisms and good bacteria to maintain an ultra-rich and fertile garden soil. Make the most of your gardening season with the help of companion planting to protect your delicious veggies.

Come and discover how to create spectacular home compost with Tereska Gesing speaker and co-founder of Urban Seedling. The For the Health of Plants workshop teaches you how to make your plants healthy and happy by creating a healthy ecosystem in your garden.

We will explore:

  • A living soil
  • Soil fertility program
  • Beneficial insect program
  • Mastering companion planting
  • Natural pest and disease control

Urban Herbalism

Urban Herbalism: Identification, Growing and Preparation of Medicinal Plants

Find out about the basic methods of preparing and preserving medicinal plants: tinctures, vinegars, infusions,  honeys and oils. Discover plants that grow near you and how you can integrate them in your daily life. As part of the workshop, we will take a walk in the area to identify some urban medicinal plants.

The workshop will be held at the Verdun Greenhouses 7000 boul. Lasalle, Verdun QC